Fiber Glass Insulation
KIMMCO Rigid Pipe Covering  
DESCRIPTION: Preformed sections of glass fibers bonded with a heat resistant resin, free from shot and coarse fiber, light, damage resistant, easy to handle, cut and fit. The sections are split along their lengths to provide a hinge for ease of fitting.

APPLICATION: Thermal insulation of steel, copper or plastic pipes operating in temperature up to 230˚C (450˚F).
DESCRIPTION: KIMMCO duct insulation is in the form of flexible rolls, semi-rigid and rigid slabs manufactured from stable glass fibers bonded with thermo-setting resins, and free from coarse fibers and shot.

APPLICATION:External insulation of rectangular and circular air ducting and air handling equipment.
DESCRIPTION: KIMMCO building rolls are manufactured from stable glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resins. They are light in weight, strong, resilient and easy to handle.

APPLICATIONS: For thermal and/or acoustic insulations of all buildings walls and roofs.

DESCRIPTION: Produced from strong resilient glass fibers, free form shot and coarse fibers. East to handle cut and fit; KIMMCO duct liner is available in flexible roll form and semi rigid slabs.

KIMMCO duct liner has a strong damage resisting facing which is carefully bonded to the glass fibre mat during manufacture. However care should be exercises during storage of installation.

APPLICATIONS: For internal insulation of ducts and air handling equipments where sound absorption is required. Sound absorption treatment of walls and ceilings, acoustic enclosures etc.


DESCRIPTION: KIMMCO clean liner is a highly efficient acoustic material, produced from strong resilient glass fibers firmly bounded together with a thermosetting resin.


  • KIMMCO Building Slabs are semi-rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable Glass Fibres bonded with thermosetting resins.
  • Capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures encountered in industrial applications or in flat roofings.
  • Capable of withstanding normal loads met in domestic and commercial structures when used below floor screeds.
  • Easy to handle and cut to suit intricate shapes.
  • Light in weight, strong and resilient.


  • For thermal and acoustic insulation of concrete floors in order to reduce energy loses and transmission of impact sound.
  • For insulation of single leaf walls with dressed stone or marble facings and cavity wall construction, precast structures and prefabricated buildings.
  • For thermal insulation of concrete and metal roof decks.
  • For thermal insulation of industrial applications; boilers, ovens, refrigerators, storage tanks, marine and road transport.